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Plant Dye


All fabric and threads for Cosy Organic garments are plant dyed by hand in the studio. The Process of plant dye from start to finish takes 4-6 weeks to be completed. Each item is scoured and then soaked in a soya milk mixture to help the colour to attach to the fabric and then dried. This process is repeated 3-4 times before it is soaked in the natural extracts of a plant dye bath. The fabric is left for 24 hours and then washed with an organic detergent.


Hand Painted Designs


We initially hand paint our signature designs with soya milk and then let the fabric dry for up to two weeks. Next, we soak the fabric in a Rooibos tea bath for 24 hours and then hang it out to dry in our drying room. The process is finished by setting the dye with a hot iron before eco washing with an organic detergent. This is a timely and gentle process with amazing results and 100% natural. All our dyes have been made from plant extracts and are environmentally kind.

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