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Audrey Bate founded Cosy Organic in 2021, with the aim to create classic designs and colours that are 100% natural. Audrey’s journey into organic and sustainable textiles began when her daughter developed severe eczema. As a result, Audrey began experimenting with natural materials such as organic cotton and linen to create her designs. The softness, flexibility and movement of the fabric were extremely important, as this would be next to her daughter’s skin.


“Children wear clothes completely differently to adults, so it is important that the fabric we choose in our designs is breathable, flexible and kind next to sensitive skin.”  


Audrey is very enthusiastic about using organic cotton and linen to create her designs and often states the importance of being informative about what you put next to your skin.


“I love working with organic linen - it is such a beautiful and interesting fabric. When it is cold, the inter-fibres contract preventing the air from escaping and allowing your body to warm it up. When it is warm, the inter-fibres expand allowing the air to escape and keep your body cool.” 


The colours that you see in Audrey’s designs have been created using plant extracts. This is a timely and gentle process with amazing results and 100% natural. From the beginning, her aim was to create vibrant colours that were kind to the skin and worked in harmony with the environment.


As interest grew regarding Audrey’s designs, she decided to create her own bedding and clothing collection with the focus that each garment was kind to both skin and environment, comfortable to wear, unique and timeless!



I love working with natural materials to create my designs and that's why the whole collection is made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified materials. When it came to choosing Cosy Organic packaging, I instinctively thought of recycled paper and a minimalist approach to packaging. I love the idea of renewability and reducing the waste of raw materials. As you can see from my collection, I have tried to limit the use of man-made material and wherever possible I have used offcuts from the studio to maintain our eco-friendly approach and simple supply chain. Most items from the website are made to order as the focus is to maintain the sustainability of the collection. Our organic cotton suppliers are GOTS certified and the whole collection is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, the highest certification that is designed for babies sensitive skin.

Plant Dye


All fabric and threads for Cosy Organic garments are plant dyed by hand in the studio. The Process of plant dye from start to finish takes 4-6 weeks to be completed. Each item is scoured and then soaked in a soya milk mixture to help the colour to attach to the fabric and then dried. This process is repeated 3-4 times before it is soaked in the natural extracts of a plant dye bath. The fabric is left for 24 hours and then washed with an organic detergent.

Hand Painted Designs


We initially hand paint our signature designs with soya milk and then let the fabric dry for up to two weeks. Next, we soak the fabric in a Rooibos tea bath for 24 hours and then hang it out to dry in our drying room. The process is finished by setting the dye with a hot iron before eco washing with an organic detergent. This is a timely and gentle process with amazing results and 100% natural. All our dyes have been made from plant extracts and are environmentally kind.

Care Information


We want all Cosy Organic items to be worn and loved for as long as possible. Given a little care and following washing instructions each item can last for generations. We recommend washing all Cosy Organic items on a low 30° temperature. Use a gentle machine cycle with an organic detergent to protect the natural fibres. Avoid twisting or stretching your item and lay flat in a warm room to dry.


Alpaca has a self-cleaning ability, so you do not need to wash it regularly. Airing and a gentle brush can be just as effective as washing. Ideally Alpaca should be washed as little as possible hence each beanie has a detachable pom pom to facilitate minimal washing.


All fabric and threads are plant dyed by hand in the studio. Due to this natural process, we do not recommend using any products that contain alcohol or chemicals as this will result in fading. In order for the plant dye colour to attach to the fabric, we use soya milk to act as a natural mordant. You may notice colour variation in your item where the mordant may not have taken to the fabric evenly. This is all part of the charm and uniqueness of natural dying!

Size Chart

Size Chart

Measurements in inches and (cm)


Preemie (44)

Newborn (52)

0-3 (62)

3-6 (68)

6-9 (74)

9-12 (78)

12-18 (84)

18-24 (90)

2-3 (96)

3-4 (104)

4-5 (110)

5-6 (118)



13.75 (35)

15.5 (39.25)

17 (43.25)

18 (45.75)

18.5 (47)

19 (48.25)

19.75 (50.25)

20.5 (52)

21 (53.25)

22 (56)

23 (58.5)

24 (61)


17.5 (44)

20.5 (52)

24.1 (62)

27 (68)

29 (74)

30.5 (78)

33 (84)

35 (90)

38 (96)

41 (104)

44 (110)

46.5 (118)


13.75 (35)

15 (38)

16.5 (42.25)

17.5 (44.75)

18 (46)

18.5 (47.25)

19 (48.5)

20 (50.75)

20.25 (51.5)

20.5 (52)

20.75 (52.75)

21 (53.25)

14 (35.5)

16 (40.75)

17.5 (44.5)

18.5 (47)

19 (48.25)

19.5 (49.5)

20.25 (51.5)

21 (53.25)

21.5 (54.75)

22 (56)

22.5 (57.25)

23 (58.5)

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